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Episode 37 - December 2014
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This episode: an in-depth look at all the planned offerings for JAF 2015, a BOJAC update, Jewish groups breaking ground in the studio, let the viral a cappella Chanukah videos commence, other upcoming JAC dates, and as always, fantastic Jewish a cappella tunes!

Episode 36 - August 2014
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Introducing Craig and Mordy! The first-ever Kolcast guest-host duo takes on a collaboration of the ages, various news and notes, and an in-depth arrangement analysis of two takes of the same song from different groups.

Episode 35 - January 2014
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JAF is coming! JAF is coming! OMH JAF is coming! Tune in for details, registration instructions and ticket information. Plus the Chanukah video roundup and the latest Jewish a cappellian White House visitors.

Episode 34 - September 2013
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Here's to new beginnings! A new school year coincides with a new spiritual year. Exclusive "Macklemorian" Rosh Hashanah track, JAF date is announced, Jewish a cappella CARA victories, and a spotlight on a new group. SHANA TOVA!

Episode 33 - June 2013
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WE'RE BACK! We've been gone so long and so much has gone on. JAF recap, tons of new a cappella tracks and videos with sefirah, results of Kol Haolam and other competitions, a check-in on the burgeoning Israeli a cappella scene, the SING-OFF!, and a little explanation as to where we've been the past few months.

Episode 32 - February 2013
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JAF 2013. AcapaJewza 2013. DAYS AWAY. What else is there to talk about?

Episode 31 - January 2013
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Happy birthday KolCast! JAF 2013 is shaping up in an exciting way, meet an inspiring leader using a cappella for peace in Israel, the Six13 track you guys sang on, Obama's choice, and BOJAC is out -- and you can get your hands on it.

Episode 30 - November 2012

In these trying times, everyone could use a little Jewish a cappella. Find out how to be a guest star in Six13's upcoming video, last chance to register for JAF, and previews of some BOJAC exclusives!

Episode 29 - October 2012

Today, you get to find out all the details on JAF 2013, the biggest Jewish a cappella event... well, ever. Then, you get to find out all the tracks that made it onto BOJAC 3 (The Best of Jewish A Cappella), and listen to clips of all 18. Today is a special day.

Episode 28 - September 2012

This month: Shana tova! College world is back in the swing of things. It's BOJAC time! Learn how to submit your group's tracks. New tune from Six13, new info on JAF, and a listener writes in about starting a new group.

Episode 27 - August 2012

This month: the calm before the storm. Teasers on some big developments coming around the bend, updates from the studio, and tunes from some groups we've overlooked.

Episode 26 - July 2012

This month: The tables are turned! Jordan Gorfinkel returns to guest host the show, and spends his time chatting with some guy named Mike Boxer.

Episode 25 - May 2012

This month: New music and videos galore, Mike loves this arrangement, a world-premiere exclusive, Six13 "from the vault", and the beauty of tradition.

Episode 24 - April 2012

This month: Acapajewzagain, debuts from new groups, and two things which should not surprise you: sefirah season brings a huge slate of new music, and I've got lots to say about the Kol Haolam competition.

Episode 23 - February 2012

This month: Competition is in the air, a Maccabeats world premiere preview, Six13 needs a new guy and it could be you, award nominations, big news from Israel, and what birds do.

Episode 22 - January 2012

All sorts of news and announcements on the big annual Jewish a cappella events, the Chanukah viral video wrap-up, all the details on next month's Kol HaOlam competition in an exclusive interview with the coordinator of the event, and as always more new music and news from around the community.

Episode 21 - December 2011

Chanukah's coming! The Kol Haolam competitors are announced, your suggestions for the Nativ a cappella group name, JPAF and AJ and  JCFPA oh my, Mike's Chanukah wish list, the scoop on the brand new video from Six13, more new music and news from around the community.

Episode 20 - November 2011

Back from the Holy Land with a new episode! A look at Israeli a cappella, a feature interview with some new friends "live" from Jerusalem, new music from the Maccabeats and Six13, Kol HaOlam 2 is officially announced, and one school's Jewish a cappella singers unite in the name of tikkun olam.

Episode 19 - September 2011

September shenanigans! Tizmoret's new disc hits, new groups, a YU alternative, everyone's auditioning, Six13 heads East, and probably the coolest announcement we've ever made.

Episode 18 - August 2011

It feels so good to be back! A very cool segment from another special guest, pro Jewish a cappella auditions, Jewish groups on tour, and an otherwise slow news month -- but same generous heaping of music!

Episode 17 - June 2011

We've got a special guest host, and he's got lots to say! Beat'achon founder and man of many kippot Jordan B. "Gorf" Gorfinkel takes us deep into his world, and interviews a fellow AcaJewminary. On the KolCast, even the special guests have special guests!

Episode 16 - May 2011

Less talk, more music! Okay, same amount of music. New stuff from new albums, attack of the parody videos, guess the year, and a surprise about next month's episode.

Episode 15 - April 2011

Jewish a cappella season? Sure seems like it. New Six13 album set to make a splash next week, and we're world-premiering a track. Jewpella videos EVERYWHERE, Sing-Off casting, lots of other new releases, and of course, three and a half cents about the first-ever Kol Haolam Jewish a cappella competition.

Episode 14 - March 2011

Happy times in Jewish a cappella land! JPAF 2011 is a success, big press for Jewish a cappella, more world premiere music, a very random fact, one of ours joins the ranks of the ICCA semifinalists, Jewish groups get a competition of their own, and a prediction about the next song everyone will be covering.

Episode 13 - February 2011

Brrr! Warm up by finding out what's hot for February. The latest on JPAF 2011 and the complete lineup, other upcoming shows, a throwback, Jewish groups take on the ICCA (and each other), Mike thinks he knows it all, and a tribute to a legend we lost this month.

Episode 12 - January 2011

Happy birthday Kolcast! More on JPAF 2011, 6-year-old girls and 70-year-old grandmas take over your favorite a cappella, a Sing-Off fun fact, some history and a world premiere track. Plus more new music, Face-Off results and the monthly round-up.

Episode 11 - December 2010

We're late this month for good reason! HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT about the 2011 Jewish Performing Arts Festival! Plus the Chanukah viral video you're NOT tired of, more on AcapaJewza, brand new music, Face-Off results and the monthly round-up.

Episode 10 - November 2010

It's the AcapaJewza episode! Find out first who'll be appearing this year at the big show in NYC and get a little taste. Plus, the results of the KolCast face-offs!

Episode 9 - October 2010

Shana tova! Fresh off the BOJAC 2 track list debut, the KolCast is back in full swing with lots of news from the world of Jewish a cappella. Plus, something new: groups "face off" -- and the listeners vote!

Episode 8 - September 2010

This month: Finally, it's the long-awaited BOJAC episode! A Kolcast exclusive: Before you can hear it anywhere else, you'll find out right here which groups were selected! Complete with sound clips of every track!

Episode 7 - July 2010

The mamaloshen, bridging past and present, big news about the next episode, and a slow news month means less talk and more music.

Episode 6 - June 2010

The year winds down, Jewish groups want to Sing-Off, Six13 auditions, Canadians, Mike hearts a new track, more witty Jewish puns, and LOTS of new music!

Episode 5 - May 2010

How to submit to BOJAC 2, all the new releases for sefirah, Six13's brand new track complete and uncut, the Maccabeats are superstars, find out how to get Six13's brand new track free, and the Sing-Off is having auditions.

Episode 4 - April 2010

BIG NEWS, BOJAC is back and your group should be on it, the Maccabeats are here, find out how to get Six13's brand new track free, Sefirah brings a cappella madness, singers with punctuation and songs that defy classification.

Episode 3 - March 2010

An exclusive world-premiere track, Jewish group makes ICCA history, hip-hop in the hizzy, more Maryland, the originators, March 13's a big day, and YU starts making a name (or two) for itself.

Episode 2 - February 2010

Maryland takes over, Jewish groups do battle, Israeli jams, Jewish concerts galore and props from RARB.

Episode 1 - January 2010

A heartfelt hello, an explanatory introduction, hot cuts from Kaskeset, Tizmoret and Six13, some no-guys-allowed JAC, and Barack Obama.