BOJAC CD cover

BOJAC: The Best of Jewish A Cappella - Volume 3

Passion, spirituality and harmony ignite BOJAC: The Best of Jewish A Cappella, a collection of today's hottest young Jewish vocal acts. These exciting male, female and co-ed groups fire up every style of Jewish music, from religious melodies to Israeli pop, in English and Hebrew. BOJAC: Volume 3 is 18 tracks of pure Jewish music adrenaline!

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For clips from all 18 amazing tracks, check out episode 29 of The KolCast -- press play below to listen!


Track Listing

1. Cold Cry - Kaskeset (Binghamton University)
2. Im Eshkachech - Tizmoret (Queens College)
3. Bilvavi - Y-Studs (Yeshiva University)
4. Esah Einai - Kol Sasson (University of Maryland)
5. Latet - Manginah (Brandeis University)
6. Tehilah Ledavid - Rak Shalom (University of Maryland)
7. Isha Kna'anit - Shir Appeal (Tufts University)
8. Emtzah Halailah - Tizmoret (Queens College)
9. Ahavat Yisrael - Y-Studs (Yeshiva University)
10. Ashem - Shabbatones (University of Pennsylvania)
11. Lu Yehi - S'madar (Columbia University / JTS)
12. Mehuzakim Laolam - Manginah (Brandeis University)
13. Shabbat Medley - Mezumenet (University of Maryland)
14. Hayam - Shenaniganns (Gann Academy)
15. Milion Kochavim - Kol Halayla (Rutgers University)
16. V'Ani - Chamber Choir (The Ramaz School)
17. Kah Ribon / Vehaer Eineinu - Shabbatones (University of Pennsylvania)
18. L'dor Vador - Kaskeset, Class of 2000-2015 (Binghamton University)

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